Race Day Recap – Race #4

This was the first half marathon of the season, 3rd half marathon of the year.

On Sunday, October 28, I ran the the Halloween Halfathon, and while costumes were encouraged, as a solo runner, I didn’t feel the need to really get dressed up.  I wore an orange headband with my black pants.  That was the extent of my costume.  As the booth babes said, most of us were dressed as runners.  There were some great costumes, some ridiculous and some just plain puzzling.  One of my favorites was the couple dressed as beer pong.  I thought it was incredibly clever, although it had to be annoying with all the rattling from those ping pong balls, especially when you listen to it for 13.1 miles.

Some of the what I considered “ridiculous” costumes, were the full body suits, like Mario or an alligator or something like that, and I only find it ridiculous because I would get hot and thus angry that I wore that much clothes.

The puzzling… ah, yes.  There was a couple dressed in lederhosen, which was fine.  The guy wore a t-shirt and shorts with the suspenders and a hat.  He looked fine.  His female running partner, however… She wore what I would call “naughty fraulein”.  The top was not much more than a bikini top, but it was cute and she had the stomach for it.  The bottoms, however, were little more than a thong with fringe.  And she didn’t wear anything under it.  So, if you were unfortunate enough to be behind her, you got to watch her mostly bare ass jiggle as she ran, because while the stomach was tight, the ass was, well, NOT.  Even if I was tired, if she got in front of me, I pulled ahead because I just couldn’t take it.

I was running my best time ever, when around mile 8, my hip started complaining.  I took a handful of ibuprofen at the water stop and kept going, but by 10.3, it was screaming.  I had this exact problem during my first half marathon, although it didn’t kick in until much later, and I didn’t have it at all during my second thanks to resistance band training.  I texted Rob to say that my hip was calling it quits at 10.3 and he replied that I was so close.  I said I wasn’t quitting, just slowing down.  And I kept going.  I ran as much as the hip allowed, and walked when it didn’t.  I crossed the finish line and while I wasn’t thrilled with my time, it still wasn’t bad.

First 7.7 miles – 10:53 pace per mile, total race time – 2:39:44, average race pace per mile – 12:12.  40 seconds per mile off of my PR of 11:32 (or 2:32:52 total race time).

I will do better.  It is a goal that by the Disney Half Marathon in January, I will shave a minimum of 1 minute off of my time.


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