Tween Joke of the Day


It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, and the Girl has come up with some beauties* lately.

*I apologize in advance if you’re offended.  If you are, you’re reading the wrong blog in the first place.





Joke 1:

Q: How do you make a plumber sad?

A: Kill his family.


Joke 2:

Q: What’s worse than biting into an apple with a worm in it?

A: The Holocaust


Yes, I really have my hands full.

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Former St. Louis girl transplanted to the West Coast of central Florida. While I still maintain my Midwestern roots, I've definitely evolved into a decidedly East Coast attitude. I swear excessively, which I've tried to curtail because of my two impressionable children, but have been unsuccessful thus far. They ignore it. I speak Sarcasm more fluently than my native English. My husband and children are my greatest source of joy, as well as material for my writing. I love quoting movies and do it regularly. I joke that I don't have a personality, I've just seen a lot of movies. I love alt rock and while I dabble in other genres, that makes me happiest. I run regularly, mostly so that I can race so that I can win medals. That's really the only reason. I'm a bling-whore, what can I say? I also get psychotic about grammatical errors, bad punctuation and misspelled words (especially my name - seriously, it's 5 letters - get them right, please).

One Response to Tween Joke of the Day

  1. Angela says:

    That child is exactly the right mix of her parents! Your hands are indeed full!

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